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I’d like to recommend

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Three weeks into the Comment Challenge and I’m way behind on the tasks that were set to help the participants learn how commenting is an important part of being participant in the blogosphere. I was challenged by this task (Day 21, Make a recommendation) and thought I’d be able to make a contribution that may provide some value to those who read this blog.

Have you ever found yourself trying to explain a new (and often complex) concept to a colleague and wishing there was a resource in a format that could get the message across? I have.

I’ve often wanted to get my hands on something that was accessible, not too long, and a perfect overview that used words/audio and pictures to help clarify a new idea, model or application…

So, my recommendation is to visit the Common Craft website to check out the work they do to ‘present subjects “in plain English” using short, unique and understandable videos’. You might even do a search for ‘in plain english’ somewhere, to find some of the most popular videos, many of which can be found on on Google or Youtube (these links will take you to the results of such a search). Topics covered include: Twitter, RSS, Wkis, Blogs, Social Networking, Social Bookmarking etc. I’ve found these resources very useful and they’ve provided great support in getting the message across about some of the new technologies and applications that are part of what we call Web 2.0.

Have you found anything like these that could be used for professional development activities in a teaching and learning context?