it depends on where you’re looking from [#blogjune post #26]

Post #26 – where the idea of different perspectives are discussed

I’ve often found that it’s useful to look at things from different perspectives. Changing the angle from which you view something will show you other aspects of it, and can provide new information. You can go close-up, or turn things upside down, or zoom right out for a helicopter or a bird’s eye view to try and get the bigger picture. Whatever you do, you can be guaranteed that things will look different and may suggest that whatever you are examining could be addressed in another way. There are also different lenses (rose coloured or magnifying) that can help in this process, as well as other tools like De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats. I guess anything that change your normal view will be helpful in providing a new perspective with which to see. 

Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is always a good way to see how what you might intend to do as a teacher, could potentially look like, or be experienced by your student. This can be very enlightening and often encourages us to consider making changes to improve the experience for our students.

How often do you practice taking a new perspective on things?



Bird’s eye view of Melbourne

Word of the Day is, ‘blithesome’ – woohoo!


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